Citizen Social Responsibility – “Capture & Share & Resolve”

CSR activities shall be activated shortly, we are in process of communicating with the right channels to set up legalities & other approvals for smooth & effective flow of CSR services…

Mean While Check Out Overview Of The Services 


  • The Scientific process of engaging & establish connect with children’s using emotional intelligence
  • How to bring in empathy towards your children’s behavior , how to respond & react on daily basis in our interactions to set up early childhood that forms future relationships forever
  • Conscious parenting secures your children trust on the world they live in, cultivates essential environment critical for children’s development in terms of mental, physical & emotional space
  • This program aims to education parents on bringing up their children’s as good citizens and build basic humanity & value system forever
  • This program aims at addressing age group of 3 years to 16 years, to help them recognize / identify various paths and their impact on their life & surrounding environment


  • This programs aims to interact with 18+ years age groups, to help them map & understand various factors of environment they live & also highlight the do’s & dont’s to lead safe & happy life
  • Our volunteers shall be equipped with right skill sets, to identify various green & red zones of the environment and also techniques to counter scenarios arising as and when they arise and also successfully achieve their set desired goals
  • This program is a collaborative effort by all volunteers, we also share the data & stats among all the volunteers to help them with various environment risk factors & supporting factors, that shall help them in their momentum towards their desired goals 


  • This section focuses on mapping various locality be it business or residential to understand and collate each locality on wide range of parameter 
  • Our members can avail access to collated report, that provides them deep insights on what people think and experience about each of their locality
  • This is purely an attempt to create awareness & share information on broader aspect, which shall help our members in their decision making process like shifting their house or business location 


  • In today’s digital world, life is moving at much faster pace and individuals can’t afford to spend their time or effort to address unlawful activities as it draws criticism and also make them potential future victims
  • Posting on social media have been able go viral for short time and is lost when it comes to actions, this also draws humongous risk factors on sharing like criticism, trolling and law suits etc…
  • We have design an simple format which helps our members to capture and share any unlawful activities they come across
  • We are also rolling out robust follow up system, which shall report the incidents to right channels of government agencies to help them solve complex social unlawful problems and help create a better living space for all